Daphne Freise launched her career as an international flight attendant in 1994 and has indulged the passion for world religions and cultures that was ignited by the globe she received for Christmas when she was 8 years old. Soon after that, her great-grandfather built a custom bookcase for a new complete Encyclopedia Britannica set and her mother serendipitously chose a vacant wall in Daphne’s little blue Holly Hobbie bedroom as its home. What ensued were hours of camping on the blue and green shag carpeting lost in her own tiny big world. While LPs of Glen Campbell and Olivia Newton John spun on the Donny and Marie record player, so spun the globe. She closed her eyes and rested one fingertip to skim on its surface until it came to a stop on a far  away continent, found the volume in which that place was written about, and pulled the weighty book to the floor to devour its wonder.

Aviation has taken her around the world hundreds of times over the past 20+ years including temporary duty assignments in India, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia. These days she is in the corporate aviation sector and lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two cats, Sophie and Copper, and is a wannabe hippie and ABBA devotee.


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  1. Sis, I’m so proud of all that you have accomplished in your lifetime so far. You write beautifully and your feelings and your heart are shared with the reader. I could not stop reading and even rereading all of what you’ve written so far. Please continue as you write so eloquently that it draws me into your world. I laughed and cried as I read. Love you.


  2. Thanks Daphne for our little chat and sharing your blog. Your thought- ful reflections in connection with vivid descriptions of exploring new worlds have given me reason to pause. Look forward to hearing about your journey and times in Rwanda. Stay safe. Bon voyage.


  3. Daphne. Your writing leaves me speechless and wanting more. And I might add as well that I can’t stop staring at your picture. You are truly the most beautiful person I’ve ever known both inside and out.


  4. Interesting blog and please do not stop blogging. I can see that you have done your research and studied in depth and the name of the blog sure is different. I believe it conveys documenting ones life in words.


    • Sriram,
      Thank you so much for your comments! The encouragement is greatly appreciated; I’m one of those frustrated, procrastinating writers so comments like yours are valued and motivating. I do plan to become a more active blogger over my love for India and other travels so I hope you visit often! Namaste.


  5. Beautiful work Daphne. You convey in words as if we are standing next to you witnessing and seeing for ourselves. Keep the blog going



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